Nestled amidst the scenic charm of Crafers, Australia, John Walter’s Landscaping emerges as a distinguished maestro in the realm of outdoor transformations, boasting a legacy of over 40 years. Our journey is a tapestry of passion, expertise, and an unwavering commitment to crafting enchanting landscapes. In the picturesque backdrop of Crafers, our team specializes in the intricate artistry of retaining walls, earthmoving, renovations, and local landscaping construction. At John Walter’s Landscaping, we don’t just shape spaces; we create enduring stories. Whether it’s the robust strength of retaining walls, the precision of earthmoving, the artistic touch of renovations, or the seamless execution of local landscaping construction, every project is a testament to our dedication. In Crafers, we harmonize the natural allure of surroundings with human ingenuity, transforming visions into captivating realities. Explore the possibilities with John Walter Landscaping – where experience meets artistry, and every outdoor space becomes a masterpiece.

Services we Provide.

  • Local landscaping construction Crafers
  • Bobcat hire Crafers
  • Trenching Crafers
  • Driveways Crafers
  • Tight access excavation Crafers
  • Shed and house site preparation Crafers
  • Top retaining wall company Crafers
  • Local builder Crafers
  • Excavation services Crafers
  • Rock retaining walls Crafers
  • Earthmoving Crafers
  • Renovations Crafers
  • Construction Crafers
  • Builder Crafers
  • Landscaping Crafers
  • Drainage Crafers
  • Retaining walls Crafers
  • Electrical Trenching Crafers
  • Blue stone retaining walls Crafers
  • Landscape Consultation Crafers
  • Storm Water Drainage Crafers

John Walters Landscaping